Wednesday, April 29, 2009


My first post ever - I am so excited! How quickly life can change. This morning a friend of mine suggested I start a blog, and voila! Up until now I have watched from afar - my first obsession was with my daughter Jaime's blog which she wrote as she and her husband traveled the world for a year. I felt as though I went right along with her, as she wrote stories and posted beautiful pictures and delicious recipes. Lately I have enjoyed the blogs of some of my creative friends, but never dreamed I would have anything new and different to offer the world....

My desire and sole purpose for this blog is to share design ideas - along with that I may take you on a little side adventure into my past - but all of it will hopefully end up in a project of some sort. I love gleaning ideas from magazines, catalogues and even a few how-to television shows, but mostly I learn from the amazing friends I have gathered throughout the years. I have had the honor and privilege to know some of the most creative women on this earth, and I hope to continue learning from these friends who have made homemaking a fine art. You know who you are....

First things first - my family! Here's to the folks who have always believed in me. They have put up with my obsessive behaviors and my thrown -together dinners, just so I could finish up a project or two - "just one more stitch..." comes to mind. My husband Dennis, the true artist in the family, (no one can do crown moulding like Mr. Johnson) my kids, Jaime and Dusty, who are inspirations no matter what they choose to do, their soul mates, Jacob (who knows everything there is to know about computers) and Aleah (who is the fine artist I aspire to be) - and of course the grand kids, Karise (my budding little artist & pen pal) and Dres the Magnificent!

Last, but not least, is my faithful companion Monkey, who I love dearly. I forgive you with all my heart for being too afraid of the stairs to come up with me into my attic....

More to come...thanks for stopping by!



  1. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BLOGGING. The hardest thing is finding the time to sit down and just do it. Looking forward to being in on your projects

  2. Pam...Welcome to the world of blogging. You are certainly off to a great start! I am up in the attic too so we immediately have a lot in common. I'm adding you to my blogroll and I honored that you added me to yours. I look forward to following your posts.
    Best, Rosemary

  3. I'm thrilled to have received this blog notice. I don't have a blog - whatever would I put on it?? but, I do love keeping up the my favorite crafters... friends.... and do enjoy seeing the visual inspiration I see on various blogs...
    Count me in on your journey!
    Chris Enyart-Elfers