Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My latest favorite room...

One of my favorite rooms in my home is the powder room. Years ago my friend Brigitte took an old dresser, refinished it, cut a hole in the top and threw a sink into it. I was always impressed with how brave she was to take a jigsaw to a perfectly nice piece of furniture. When we were designing this house a few years ago, I suggested we do this very same thing - surprise, surprise, my husband was totally on board with the whole idea! We found a beautiful old oak dresser in mint condition at a garage sale, brought it home, and after taking a deep breath, Dennis cut a hole in the top for the sink. Before the plumber could work his magic, Dennis had to remove the top two drawers, take the faces off and secure those back to where he had taken them out - this was to make room for the bowl of the sink. He then took out the middle drawer, cut a hole in it for the actual plumbing, and put it back in place as well.

Now for many years I have collected rabbits. (I may have received some of them from you!) In my old house I had them scattered all over the house in different rooms. I decided to make this new bathroom fun and give my guests plenty to enjoy, so I took almost every rabbit I had and gave them all a home in the bathroom!
I have a tiny rabbit that is a pincushion, a bronze rabbit with wings that holds a special rock my son found for me when he was a child, ("mom look! I found a hole with a rock in it!") rabbit bookends, and a huge white rabbit from an old deli display that holds towels and shampoo. I have a beautiful crown moulding shelf that Dennis made for me, and many of my favorites sit on that. I have guest towels with "le lapin"printed on them, and I even have a mirror that is hung from a be-ribboned (is that even a word?) rabbit head. I guess what I am trying to convey here are a couple of ideas - think outside of the box when it comes to how and where you display the things you love. Also, when you have a collection, try not to spread it throughout your home - you achieve a much bigger impact when you group them all together - this is not a case of less-is-more!
You'll have to excuse me now - I need to go powder my nose. Thanks for stopping by....

Pammy J


  1. Greetings! I found you by way of Adventures of Elizabeth...Welcome to Blogland!! I started about a year ago and have made some wonderful 'blogfriends' as a result. I just love your dresser/sink 88 yr old aunt did that about 30 years ago in one of her houses and I've always wanted that in one of our powder rooms, too! You are off to a great start--you have a beautiful blog and wonderful ideas and lovely way of decorating.
    I'm going to link you on my blog, too!
    p.s.--pop over for a visit sometime and say hi!
    ;-) Have a great day!!

  2. Pam, that dresser looks exactly like the one in my bedroom at my mom's...when i lived there and slept downstairs...Not sure where it is now...

  3. Hi Pam!
    I think this'll be the week that we finally start to finish our bathroom! It's been a year since we had it retiled. I just bought the paint at lunch and I'm going to see if I can hire Lisa to paint it! Then, lights and mirrors and towel rods! Thanks for the encouragement! :-Deb

  4. Pam...Your husband did a beautiful job converting the dresser into a working vanity for your bathroom. The whole room is so charming. Congratulations on a job well done. ♥Rosemary