Sunday, June 7, 2009

field trip!!!

Yesterday was a day I have been waiting for months to attend....the Farm Chicks show! It is held once a year at the Spokane Fairgrounds, about an hour from me. I put on my comfortable walking shoes, packed my backpack with a camera, measuring tape and cash, and kissed my husband good bye.....

Last year I went and it was rainy, cold, and the line was HUGE, so I didn't go in. This year I said I would wait for as long as it takes to get in. This show used to be held twice a year in the farming town of Fairfield, Washington, not far from me. They set up big tents and all over town were different venues chocked full of antiques. This is the second year that it has been held at the fairgrounds, and though it doesn't quite have that festive atmosphere it had under big tents, they get more people to come through. This is a great show no matter where it is held, with unique treasures, friendly vendors and amazing prices.

Here is a peek into my day....

you had to get there early!

two huge bins filled with old name patches to dig through...

check out the price - $38 for this old silver ash tray complete with planting!

I was drooling over these old trophies:

the award for the best use of old sheet music goes to.....the guy who created this told me the inspiration was revenge for all the hours of piano lessons he was forced to take - a true piano bar!

lots of wonderful cabinets...

a great booth - The Barn House from Battle Ground, Wa.:

fun with old spoons....
clever "re-purposing" of vintage keys...

it's hard to tell from this, but this mobile was made up of butterflies that were cut from pages of old books - adorable!
cute crowns to celebrate your "inner queen"...
ta-ta for this year.....

Now you may be wondering what I came home with???? It may not seem like much to you, but boy oh boy, do I have plans - stay tuned.....

Thanks for joining me....



  1. I know someone who could use that 'M' card you have there... :)

  2. There were such fabulous finds! What a great time! Jen

  3. Wow! Thoroughly enjoying all the great photos!

  4. Hey, that's me in the brown shirt in the Barn House Boys booth! That put's a smile on my face.
    Pamela Thoms

  5. I too was at the show this weekend. I am having a wonderful time visiting all the blogs that are posting about it today :o)

    I posted a mini movie today- stop on in and have a peek when you get the chance...I think everyone got a shot of that piano :o)


  6. Thank you so much for sharing your FAB photos of our original design, the collaged Piano Bar! We had such fun creating it and the wire Junk Queen crowns, too, and love that everyone enjoyed them so much!

    Bob & Deb of Retreat Design

  7. We too were at the show! It was such fun, but now it is back to work for us since we have a show of our own this weekend in Puyallup, WA! We will have many of the same vendors as Farm Chicks! We know it is a ways for you but maybe you can come next year!

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters

  8. Thanks so much for posting a picture of our space and the compliment on our space!! :o)

  9. We loved reading about you "field trip"! Thanks for visiting the show!

  10. I LOVE that butterfly mobile out of old book pages -- do you remember who's booth it was? I'd like to contact them.

    I haven't commented yet but I do check in and enjoy reading and looking at all the fun stuff! :)