Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vintage Barn....sneak peek!

This coming Saturday is a day I have been excited about for months. The Vintage Barn antique show! Last year I went as a customer, and vowed to do whatever I had to do to get into this show. It is just that great. So after begging and pleading with Rolane (the beautiful & gracious hostess of this event) I was thrilled to receive an application in the mail. That was last winter, and here it is only days away!
Here's a wee glimpse into what we have been working on:

antique bottles "pammy-fied"

my bazaar pound...

even Dennis got into the act with his amazing windows...

and shelves....

more windows...
we're all packed up and ready to go....
of course I will have all my beveled jewelry and ornaments... including my new, never before seen, dog & cat line...

SO......if you are in our area of the northwest DO NOT miss this fabulous show! Here's the scoop:

Saturday, July 11

9am - 4pm

Vintage Barn
22277 N. Ramsey Road
Rathdrum, Idaho

Stay tuned for pictures from the show.....thanks for stopping by!

ps: check out the Vintage Barn website if you need more info:


  1. oh boy,, oh boy oh boy...the dog necklace is wonderful!

  2. Wish I could attend. Your creations are amazing and I am sure you will sell out.