Sunday, November 8, 2009

there's a chill in the air....

A few years ago I stumbled upon Dee Foust's work for Bayberry Cove - I loved those potbellied vintage-esque snowmen and angels and decided to try my hand at sculpting.

First I found this book and started playing around with Sculpey clay.... I discovered that as long as I followed the step-by-step directions,
it was remarkably easy to do!

Here are the first faces I came up with....

They needed a body, so I made one out of paper mache clay...

Once I had a body and an assortment of faces I was satisfied with, I decided to try and *clone* them by making latex molds of them using this product.....

they don't look like much yet...
I filled the molds with this.....

It takes so much time to make one I can make as many as I want to and they all come out the same!

They needed a few accessories....After affixing their heads to their bodies I added a little rouge and antique-ing to make them come to life....
I decided to add some vintage mica flakes and glass glitter too.
His collar is made from a used coffee filter. Some may think my wee SnowBees are a little scary.

I think they are...




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  1. Your fabulous Snowbees don't scare me...they have won my heart! You are so very talented and I just love all your attention to the details that make these creations so whimsical and fascinating.


  2. Pammy,
    You are so clever at figuring out how to make and reproduce things- it always amazes me! His nose reminds me a little bit of WC Fields. I love all the little details especially the coffee filter collar.

  3. whoa! i am impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adorable!

  4. wonderful, so creative & cute!

  5. Wow, you made these lovely snowbees? I adore them, love all of the details and their darling faces!