Friday, April 2, 2010

showered with love

As we planned our road trip, one of the events I was looking forward to most was the baby shower for my newest grandchild, Corban - he is due to make his arrival in early May. My daughter, Jaime, the  new mommy guest of honor happens to have a couple of uber-talented friends named Summer and Valerie, who couldn't wait to plan a shower. And I happen to have a very generous and talented friend named Brigitte with a beautiful home, so when the guest list grew and the girls got nervous about space, I asked my friend if she would be willing to open up her home to a bunch of strangers and she answered with an enthusiastic *YES!*

The emails started flying back and forth between the four of us, a theme was decided upon, tasks were divided up, lists were made, and a date was set. The following pictures were taken by the only boy allowed in, Summer's cute husband Matt who happens to be a gifted photogragher - I think he captured the day perfectly.

the invitation

the guest of honor arrives and gets a big hug from Brigitte

the perfect setting
wonderful food


and drink
coffee station
guests arrived and self-addressed thank you card envelopes to help the new mommy with her thank you's
enjoying the food - how cute is that parasol?!!!!

the old *measuring* game....

showered with love - what a blessed little boy!

Jaime's daddy made her these little birds for her *woodsy* themed nursury - I think she loved them - what do you think?
a beautiful quilt made by Virginia, Jaime's grandmother-in-law

Matt and Summer took Jaime, Jacob (the new daddy) and Murphy (their sweet pup) out one day for a little photo shoot - they then created a beautiful photo book to be signed at the shower by every guest - it was passed around throughout the party and filled with lovely advice, wisdom, and sweet sentiments for this new journey the Lewis family is embarking on....
dessert thanks to Amy Bakes Cupcakes - she delivers!
wrappers via Etsy - toppers by yours truly.
new grandmas and great grandma - Debbie, Jaime, moi and Virginia

remember these?
Valerie, Jaime, Brigitte and Summer - special women - devoted friends

So there have it - a glimpse into a lovely day filled with cherished friends......

Thank you Summer, Valerie and Brigitte for making Jaime's day special - I know she felt showered with love, and so did I.

Stay tuned for pictures of more fun on the road.....

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  1. Hi PaM!
    Lovely!!! What a lucky girl to have so many sweet friends and family!!
    Have fun!
    xoShari @ Southern Charm