Friday, December 24, 2010

O Come Let Us Adore Him.....

 My friend Kassy recently said this:
Come...let us adore Him - every day! Celebrate his birth on the 25th...but find ways to "be" Him to each other this year in simple, kind, practical, loving ways...come...

“How small and gentle his coming was. He came as an infant. The night in which he came was noisy and crowded; it is unlikely that, in the traffic and travelers to Bethlehem, the tiny wail of the newly born could be heard.
God approaches gently, often secretly, always in love, never through violence and fear. He comes to us, as God has told us, in those whom we know in our own lives. Very often we do not recognize God.”
~ Caryll Houselander

Merry Christmas to all....

...and to all a good night.


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  1. And to those of you who know Pam, she accomplishes this, "being" Him, with quite ease and grace...thank you Pam for modeling grace to those who are blessed to know you and be in the midst of your art.

    Bless you this season and your art that inspires us to share His art, be His art, and create the art within us that He has so generously sewn inside each one of us...let us adore Him that being His art in real life! I love you friend...thank you for sharing your art! And letting us benefit from your gift!
    Happy New Year