Friday, April 15, 2011

nesting update!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about these: here...

Last weekend was the nest-themed baby shower, and I wanted to write an update on how Aleah presented these wee nests....
Since I couldn't be there, I had her take pictures and send them to me ~ enJOY!

The presentation was adorable - a nest-within-a-nest!

And here are some photos of the recipients....
That's my pretty Aleah under the umbrella...
(had to include this photo of my grandaughter Karise on the left with her BFF Sienna!)
Aleah's sister Evelyn, the beautiful guest of honor...

Isn't this cake beautiful?

Aleah wanted me to make sure I told you how much her guests loved their nests....

We're still enjoying fun in the California sun ~ wish you were here!
p.s.: check out the recent buzz about yours truly, from Remnants of the Past!

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  1. Hi Pammy,
    I missed the post on the nests and I need to go back and read that post. They are just gorgeous and you can tell in the pictures how much the guests loved them.
    Looks like a lovely shower!