Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brighten a Corner

Several years ago my friend Robin Lee started an organization that was designed to help people who are facing extraordinary or overwhelming circumstances in practical and tangible ways. She named it Brighten a Corner It has completed many projects, serving dozens of people with hundreds of volunteers and a total value of service estimated at over $100,000. They have thrown birthday parties for children whose mother was battling terminal cancer, redecorated bedrooms for children who were victims of sexual abuse, helped crisis pregnancy centers create a warmer environment for their clients, helped create a manageable environment for a busy family with a blind son, and many other hands-on projects designed to meet the needs of those who might not get help somewhere else.

They are now getting ready for the largest project they have ever taken on. It is for the Brannum family in Arroyo Grande, California. Nine year old, Kailanii Brannum disappeared while camping with his best friend's family last April - he was swept out to sea while exploring tide pools near Point Sal, Ca. Moved to action by the grace and compassion of a family in grief,
Brighten a Corner will be fixing a long list of undone projects and beautifying their home from top to bottom, inside and out. I have seen this group in action and they are an impressive bunch. I worked on a Brighten a Corner project or two a few years ago when I lived in California and believe me, Robin is an organized and energetic woman who knows how to delegate and surround herself with dedicated people.

Kailanii Brannum

All of this begins next week, so I wanted to share this amazing endeavor with all of you. I hope this group inspires you to action - whether it is on this project or for someone in your own corner. In a later post I will share what I created for my friend Debbie Jicay Brannum and her family as my small contribution - but for now I will leave you with a line from the poem by Helen Steiner Rice that inspired Robin, so many years and projects ago....

"This dark old world would very soon
eclipse the morning star.
If everybody brightened up
the corner where they are!"

Thanks for brightening my little corner of the world...

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