Wednesday, August 19, 2009

cones, crowns & candles!

Here is a sneak peek into my world these days - I have been having Too Much Fun folding and cutting and gluing - I feel as if I am in kindergarten again! In between jewelry orders I am always trying to come up with something you Just-Can't-Live-Without. They usually serve little purpose, but when has that ever stopped me/you from buying something cute?

Remember that old cone I told you about? Well I've tweaked it and embellished it. I also created 2 different sizes for you. Oh yeah, and remember my paper dolls? I now have 20+ dog breeds plus a few cats!

How about my crown...remember those???
I had a die made to make cutting easier, and started making them out of antique sheet music (and some other fun papers) and German glass glitter - and decided to stick them on top of a cake! With 2 styles to choose from - what a great way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary,

wedding or baby shower...

sweet girl-y papers to celebrate the new arrival...
...then my neighbor's daughter Heather saw one of them, and said, "could they fit around one of those big pillar candles? Could they...? Way to go Heather! Now the bride-to-be (or whoever is the guest of honor) can take that cute cake topper home and stick a candle in the center to put on her dressing table - what a fabulous way to remember her special day.

Just a peek is all you stop:
Vintage Barn Show
Rathdrum, Idaho

September 12, 2009

Keep checking in...I'm always up in the attic cookin' up something new...




  1. You are making yummy things...just delicious.

  2. hey Pammy
    I never get tired of cones. Yours are tres cute. And the crowns are wonderful, I may need one to put on top of a pumpkin. Are you selling at Remnants of the past?

  3. The crowns are gorgeous! I'll repeat Carol's question--are you going to be at Remnants of the Past in October--I hope so--would love to meet you.
    ~ Jermaine ~

  4. Ye, yes, yes! I will be in Judy's booth at Remnants of the Past - can't wait!