Sunday, January 17, 2010

a new kind of hero...

I have been reading a lot lately about what/how people are helping the people of Haiti - it is on the tip of almost every blogger's pen.
There is one who stands out to me though. Her name is Ree Drummond. You might know her as The Pioneer Woman.

Many bloggers throw cyber-contests, but the PW had the best one yet. She offered to give a $500 donation to 2 (two!!!) different charities - but you had to leave a comment to be entered and mention your favorite charity. She would also donate 10 cents for every comment left to one of the top three charities mentioned in the comments.

 In roughly one day she had over 25,000 (yep - twenty-five THOUSAND) comments. That's over $2,500. She drew the names, and because she couldn't decide which of the top three charities to honor....she donated 2,585 to each!

Also mentioned was a website to go to that rates charities - just in case you didn't have a favorite, you could find out who was doing most effective job. You can go there yourself here.

Here are some wonderful organizations:

American Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders
Compassion International
Samaritan’s Purse
Save the Children
Direct Relief International
World Vision
Salvation Army

....and here is one that I personally love: Convoy of Hope. (They already had a food bank up and running in Port au Prince when the earthquake hit)

So here's to all of those who are on the front lines when disaster hits - my prayers are with you all as well as the people of Haiti.....

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