Wednesday, June 16, 2010

photo - FUN!

I just wasted an hour or so of my life on the website Photofunia.

I used this photo (taken five years ago at my brother's wedding):
and played around with it.....
Andy would be so jealous....

Then I found this....
...from my old band days.
Now this is more like it.

I always wanted to be on T.V.

This is fun.

It's easy.

Best of all....

It's free.
(and you can save them to your computer too)

Have fun!

Stay tuned for the latest on what I am creating for my next show.....

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  1. Pammy....HOW FUN!! You look gorgeous! Hey, is this antique show a good one??

    Joann in Colorado

  2. Thanks! It's a GREAT show - I was a loyal customer before I participated.

  3. Way cool Pam! You haven't changed a bit! I just may have to check that site out myself!!
    p.s. see you at vintage barn!!

  4. Pammy...I love this post. I love photography tutorials and you've featured some great effects. Fun ones too. Love your band picture. Stop by my blog to collect your Sunshine Award. Rosemary

  5. This looks so fun, I shared with my daughter because I knew she would love it too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The other site like this is - they do new effect every day