Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am one lucky girl!

I never win anything.

Even when I was on Wheel of Fortune (30+ years ago)....can you say bankrupt?

I enter everything.

Zip, nada, nothing.

Until last week.....

Deb Kennedy over at Hummadeedledee had a little contest.
Side note: Deb is just about the most creative and gifted person on the the planet. Just hang out awhile in Retreat and bask in the creative-ness that IS Deb Kennedy. (not to mention her adorable husband, Bob)

Before I even "knew" her, I posted THIS about this:

But I digress......

Deb was giving away a lavish collection of vintage music and various ephemera.
Since all of this wonderful material had a love theme, all we needed to do to enter was to tell her what our favorite term of endearment was, and Deb would choose her fave.

I always called my kids punkin', so that's what I suggested.

Apparently her grandpa used to call her, "His little punkin eater" and that struck a chord with her.

So I won!!!!!!
this arrived in the mail a couple of days ago ~ yipeeeee!!!!!

What did I win, you may ask?


my favorite...gotta think of something special for this one:

 Along with this fabulous stash came a sweeeet handmade Valentine from Deb:

As a bonus, Deb sent me this gift:

 Deb's talking my LOVE language here.....
I cannot believe how generous a prize this was.

I am already thinking of fun projects using this aMAZing gift....

THANK YOU Deb Kennedy.

You are just one of the many reasons I love my little blogging life.

The Winner,


  1. {My goodness, you really DO pile it on thick, don't you? LOL} You are so generous with your kind compliments, Miss Pammy, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's the month for sharin' the LOVE! <3

  2. Congratulations Pammy! I had the chance to meet Deb and Bob, they are such an amazing couple, I am looking forward to see them again soon. Love all the goodies you received. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  3. Wow - what a fun gift - a real treasure I'm sure you will put to good use, you creative thing, you!!!

    Luv ya,
    Mara Parent

  4. Well Congratulations Pammy!!! What a perfect win for you...I'm sure you'll be dreaming up amazing things to do with it all!!
    Here's another contest for you....please pass it on as it ends tomorrow night!!