Saturday, February 20, 2010

a potpourrie before I leave......

In honor of the Winter Olympics, I thought I'd show you an old (and I do mean old) photo of me. Just how old is this photo you ask? Check out my equipment:

Last week, as I was watching Lindsey Vonn being interviewed (after flying down the mountain to claim her gold!) I kept saying to myself, "who does she remind me of?".

Why does she look so familiar to me?

It was driving me crazy.

Then it hit me.

Lindsey Vonn

Pammy (1972)


Pammy (prom pic!)

Even my husband saw it.

But that was then and this is now.......

I have been crazy busy getting ready to leave the attic for a couple of months. We will be participating in the Remnants of the Past Show (April 24 - do NOT miss it!) while we are gone, so I pretty much have to have everything wrapped up before we depart. (though I am bringing all tools and supplies-including my printer just in case) I wanted to share a few more new ideas I've been working on too.....just to whet your appetite!
I've got bunches of these - lots of wonderful characters.

I really love ENDURE.

...and how about this combo????

New little tags too.
Love it.

Guess what this means.....
No peeking.....

Don't you love the symbolism of the three "beaks" above the rectangle?

That's all you get.

You have to come to the show in April to see the rest (I've got a dozen different characters!)
Stay tuned for updates as we travel in our little shop home away from home.....

See ya!


  1. OH my goodness you do look alike!!!
    Your new designs are beautiful,

  2. I'd say your ski photo is 1960-70's? That what my skis looked like. I hate skiing to this day because of those cold leather boots and crazy binding straps! Love your designs!

  3. Pammy...It's uncanny how much you and Lindsey look alike. You've been busy up in the attic I see. Your new designs are lovely. Waiting for more snow in New Jersey but I don't mind. Spring WILL arrive. xo, Rosemary