Monday, February 8, 2010

what's new in the attic you ask???

We are busy getting ready to leave on our 2+ month-long road trip.

 We will be down in California for the Remnants of the Past Antique Show and I thought you might like to see what I've been working on to bring down for that very special event.....

This rosary inspiered necklace is made from Robin's egg blue crystal pearls!
I hand "string" and "age" all of these necklaces.
Joie de vivre = Joy of living!

Of course you may remember these from the last Remnants of the past show where they were a hit!

...and I'll have plenty of these of course.

...and I already told you about these.

But I'm not the only one who has been busy......

Remember this?

Here is the bird feeder without the planter box and post it sits on....
If you're not into churches, how about this great barn feeder???!

....or this school house feeder???!

(it says "olde school" over the door)

I call this one The hangs from that eye screw on top.
I LOVE this stool - Dennis designed this years ago for his job - tools in the bottom *box* - handle on top for easy grabbing.

Some wonderful little cabinets....
This is one of my favorites.
Unfortunately Dennis's marvelous rustic wood creations will not be at Remnants of the Past - we don't have enough room to bring them down on this trip.


The Vintage Barn Show is right around the corner up here in Idaho! All of these lovelies will be there...

one more thing I will be bringing with me....

You will just have to come to the Barn April 24 to see what I end up doing with all of this....

See you there....!


  1. love the new rosary style necklace Pam--so sweet. Dennis has been a busy boy- very cute bird abodes -sorry we won't get to see them in Nipomo!

  2. Pam--these are just gorgeous!! I want to drive up there and see all this stuff! maybe some day.....keep up the creations of beauty...they are divine!

  3. Winners! I love the rosary style necklaces.