Thursday, May 6, 2010

easy last minute Mother's Day project...

I just came across this photo album I created for my Nine Ladies lunch group a few years ago.

My friends absolutely loved this little party favor, and I thought it would make a fabulous Mother's Day gift.

I got the idea from this Martha Stewart wedding project.
Back then I thought it would translate nicely into a sweet girlfriend gift.

Today I think it would be a great Mother' Day project!

All it takes is some cardstock, a ruler, an Exacto knife, some photo corners and...

 a handful of photographs.....
I had been taking pictures of my friends at every luncheon for a few months until I had exactly what I needed/wanted....
this was back in "99....I didn't have any fancy-shmancy digital camera or photoshop on my computer....

heck, I'm not even sure I had a computer then....
I had to actually go to a store(!!!) and have these developed into the warm sepia tone wanted.

I used nubby watercolor paper (because I just loved its texture)

Then I used those old fashioned photo corners to mount each picture to its *page*.
drum roll pleeeeeze.....

ta da!
If you make yours and fill it with family photos your mama will positively melt.

I guarantee it.

Happy Mother's Day!


ps: a special shout out to my baby girl Jaime who is hoping to celebrate her very first Mother's Day this weekend.

she's five days overdue.

stay tuned......


  1. I did this same thing and did '10 things i love about you' for each of my children on Valentine's Day--3 years later, they ALL still have them on display in their rooms. :)
    Also popping in to see if you are still up for creating that bracelet for me. ?? :) I had put my mom to finding a 'c' spoon and an 's' spoon, but you guys were pretty busy with the show...

  2. Always loved that project.