Monday, May 3, 2010

what a show!

Well I have unpacked and cleaned the trailer, done all the laundry, and have gotten used to sleeping in my own bed again.

It's about time I shared some images with you from the Remnants of the Past Vintage show last weekend. It was a spectacular weekend, that started with a vendor dinner on Friday evening.

The vendors spend Thursday and Friday setting up, and as a gift to us all, Judy Watkins (the amazing woman who started the whole dang event) and Judi Powers (the amazing woman who owns the property) throw a lovely lasagna dinner for all of the weary folks who are selling their wares at the show. The last thing you think about when you are busy setting up is what you will do for dinner - so this is a treat! It's also a GREAT opportunity to visit with each other and to network - friendships have been developed through the years at this dinner.

here are my friends Judi and Eddie who do all the cooking...
just love those two.

the setting.


the bar.
to die for.

the warm up....

check out this aDORable tray filled with individual crudités.

couldn't be cuter.

Here is a slideshow put together by the fabulous Jenny Malott that really captures this special property and a magical evening...

(again, if you want it full screen you must double click)

on to the show...

The weather was fabulous. Country Living Magazine was there all day (they were at the dinner the night before too) and spent the entire day capturing the sights and sounds.

as the customers arrived they received this card - a list of vendors (and their websites) on the front and a map on the back.

sheer genius.

so here is our booth.


now on to some of my faves....

Blue Canoe Reloaded

they made their own canvas tea-stained top for their booth.

a driftwood mirror.
an ancient spring-loaded nail gun.

I told you about Patti Kodenko here - this time I remembered to take pictures of her mosaic work.

and I am sure you remember Carol Smithback, aka The Pumpkin Lady. (that's her partner in crime Charlotte)
this is what she does in the springtime...
a lovely farmer's market.

toooooo cute!

citrus from the surrounding orchard.

she takes junking to a whole new level.

she also happens to be delightful.

and she taught a class in making these lovely fairy gardens....
proud student Debi and her masterpiece!

and once again,each vendor received one as a gift...

Here are some new friends, Deb and Bob Kennedy of Retreat Designs.

they came all the way from an island off the Washington coast with this:

beautiful treasures.
I first met them at the Farm Chicks show - they will be back there in June - stop by and tell them Pammy sent you.

I will close this post with a few more random pictures of the day.


I know this was a long post...thanks for hanging in there with me.

I leave you now with this de-LIGHTful parting shot....
now THAT'S a chandelier!



  1. You are just too sweet! We are Sooooooo glad to have been a part of this wonderful show, and really, we owe it all to YOU! XOXO
    Deb @ Retreat

  2. Thank you Pammy for such a wonderful show. Each and everyone of the vendors out did themselves. Thank you to all of you. You are the best! I can't wait to stay with you when we do Farm Chicks maybe next year.
    xo Judy

  3. Two things: Papa needs a new apron (Thinking Christmas...) and how I wish my Grandma was around to enjoy this bi-annual event...wouldn't she have loved it? and right in her own backyard...Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fine job my friend and partner! Beautiful pictures capturing all the beauty and magic of the show! Let the creative juices start flowing again :)
    xoxoxo, K

  5. Love the picture of Judi and Edward in the kitchen making it all happen. Nice photos Pammy, got to enjoy the best moments of the show all over again. I think Megan is right, Helen would have been the Belle of the ball.