Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Remnants of the Past - a smashing success!

What a fabulous day we had at Remnants of the Past Antique Show in Nipomo, California. The setting was divine, the weather was perfect, the vendors were excited, the customers were happy, and our hostesses were The Best!

My weekend started on a great note early Friday morning when I stopped by my friend Merle's house to borrow some old crates to use in my display. Not only did I find the crates sitting on her front porch (right where she said they would be), but she left me a note of welcome tied to a maple branch (from her magnificent Japanese Maple that she knows I adore!). It touched me so much that I had to incorporate it into my display along with the old lug box from her dad's vineyard....
On to the show....Judy thought of everything. From a cupcake (from Amy Bakes Cupcakes) in the early afternoon that she handed out in cute little cartons (I think she knew we all needed a little sugar pick-me-up by then!)....to her fabulous lasagna dinner the night before the event. Judi Powers, owner of the property, and Judy Watkins, the Wonder Woman who puts on this show, have a pre-show soiree for all of the vendors. It is held down at Judi's house on the property (which is a whole other blog post altogether - one of my most favorite spots on earth) and the spread she lays out is a feast for both the eyes and the tummy....

The attention to detail was amazing - like this Scotti dog image on top of the warm pastry/brie appetizer...in honor of Gus, Judi's beloved Scotti who roams the yard.

Tables filled with tired, but well fed vendors....

Two tired Judies the night before....I call them *Judy-squared*.

Time to check on last minute details before going home to sleep.....

Two fresh and ready-to-go-Saturday-morning Judies - aren't they stunning????!!!

Girls in Pearls...Judy, Kriste and moi in our booth.

There were SO many wonderful people who made my weekend special - here are just a few...

Meet Kimberly and Melissa in their gorgeous silver/white booth. Kimberly owns a store in the Sacramento area called Bungalow (www.bungalowvintage.com) and she purchased a bunch of my necklaces to sell in her shop. Thanks Kim!

Kellee from Susan Branch Studios was there selling Susan's books and calenders....

Woodstone Marketplace was there with their wonderful lunches...

One of my favorite people is Bonnie Crawford of Birds of a Feather in Cambria, Ca. I loved and shopped her store for years before I got to know her. Bonnie has been dubbed Queen of the Smalls and has participated in the Remnants show from the beginning - she also carries my line so I love her even more! Her shop is filled with vintage treasures....

...like this old fashioned ice cream display...

Gray Hartley - winemaker extraordinaire! I was talking to a customer about how to use my wine collars (of course I had forgotten to bring a wine bottle to use as a display) and Gray happened to be walking by just then. I called over to him, "Hey Gray - you wouldn't happen to have a bottle of wine on you, would you?" - and he said, "as a matter of fact I do!" And he brought out the cutest little bottle of his world famous (and I mean that - click here) Hartley-Ostini Highliner wine! It sure pays to know your local winemaker.....
Dennis says thanks, Gray!

Here is Patty Kodenko - isn't she adorable? She didn't want her picture taken but I pestered her until she agreed - I wanted you to meet her and see her fabulous treasures! She does the most amazing mosaic work, but this is what caught my eye...
Thanks Patti - I just loved everything about your booth!

I already mentioned Amy Bakes Cupcakes....they were incredible!

I know I told you about my friend Carol Smithback and her one-of-a-kind pumpkins...now you can put a face to the name!
Here she is in front of her pumpkin cart....

...and here she is again with her *elf* Charlotte Hartley (who just happens to be married to Gray who you met earlier) How cute are they???? I swear, I didn't see anyone without a pumpkin on Saturday....she had a very good day.

And finally...our booth! Well la-de-da.....look at those hops Judy displayed so beautifully.
lots and lots of treasures....

and then there was my little corner...

It was a marvelous show - a highlight for me was meeting friends who have been following my blog so faithfully and came just to say hello! I was delighted and honored to meet Jermaine of French Kissed who I have followed and enjoyed for several months. She came all the way up from Santa Barbara for the day just to visit the show. It was as if we had known each other for years - my new BFF!
And what a small world it is - a young woman asked me if I was in a show in Rathdrum, Idaho. Uh....yeah. Apparently she stumbled onto the Vintage Barn Show while on vacation and bought some treat jars from me - then stumbled onto this one in Nipomo! She plans on making both shows a regular destination from now on!

And finally...I was determined to bring home one of Carol's pumpkins. I even ordered it ahead of time - that's how sure I was that I could get it home. I decided to pack it in my carry-on luggage - along with my camera. When I got to security at Santa Barbara Airport, they kept rolling the conveyor belt back and forth.....back and forth...back and forth...with that bag going through the x-ray machine. Then a second TSA official was brought in. Then they took it off the belt, opened it and unpacked EVERYTHING. Then put all of it through the x-ray again. So it seems that when I closed up the suitcase after packing, my camera ended up directly on top of the pumpkin, and in the x-ray it appeared to be an electronic device inside a rather large, round container made from organic material. The TSA gal was a peach - started giggling after realizing what it was....however, the people behind me waiting to go through were not smiling.

I did get it home in one piece though, along with these two little turban gourds.....

A final good-bye to Gus Judi's Scotty who was the official greeter....I am already excited about the Spring show....stay tuned!
I'm off to take a nap - I'm exhausted but extremely happy!
Thanks for tuning in...

p.s.: a hearty THANK YOU to my baby girl Jaime and her darling husband Jacob who planned and set up the music - it set the mood perfectly and created a lovely atmosphere!


  1. What a delightful post. The show looks amazing. Thanks for sharing with us.
    p.s. you things look especially great!

  2. Love the photos. I want to go next year!! And YES, it is a small world!! Take care. I need to talk necklaces with you!! Rolane, The Vintage Barn

  3. wow, you got some great photos Pammy. I love that you showed the shindig down at Judith's house-that was such a gift to us vendors. And I am so happy you got a picture of Charlotte and I in our booth. All of Polly's wreaths look amazing on the barn! Quite the adventure with the pumpkin, but at least there is a happy ending.

  4. I just love the little dog paper dolls or what ever you call them. Do you have them for sale ?
    The little dog heads in a brown envelope. Your pictures are wonderful, wish i lived closer.

    Janice in Missouri


  5. What an amazing group of talented women...Very impressive!...Katie

  6. I just had the pleasure of reliving the wonderful day I had last Saturday at Remnants with your beautiful post. What a day of delight with all of the fabulous finds and the festive atmosphere. But the very best part of it was meeting and visiting with the vendors ~ the finest collection of talented, warm and amazing people anywhere! I do feel like we have been friends forever. Let me know when you are out SB way and we can go for Tea and catch up. I can't wait to give my daughter the necklace you made when she comes home. She will be the talk of Paris!

  7. This was a smashing show, for sure! The guests, the vendors, the barn, the goodies to shop from-it was all amazing and lovely!