Wednesday, October 21, 2009

this 'n that...

Just want to mention a couple of items ~

First, one more inspirational story from the Barn....
This is my friend Beth Johnson.
Beth has been very, very sick - she has been battling recurring Lyme disease for many, many months - in and out of hospitals - stuck (no pun intended) in the house with an IV pole tethered to her - lots and lots of pain. Her one desire was to get to the Remnants of the Past Antique Show, and even ordered a couple of dog necklaces from me that she promised to come pick up in person. She and I had been emailing back and forth, and though she was in the hospital still as of the Wednesday before the show, I set aside her treasures, not fully believing she would be well enough to make it to the show.
About mid morning, as I was chatting with customers, someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind - there was Beth! She said she had "ripped" her IV out of its port and told her husband Brad to drive her to the Barn. I was blown away and honored that she would go to such lengths to shop! Not only did she shop with me, but she bought loads of vintage ribbons and trims from Beth Descala in Booth 7. Beth later emailed me to tell me she was back in bed, on the IV, but happily surrounded by trims from Beth's booth - she is making "corsages" for all of her friends to wear on their winter coats!

Here is Beth in action....

...she says her IV pole is the perfect glue gun holster!

Great job Beth!

Now a couple of days ago I was honored to have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award by my friend Jermaine - you can visit Jermaine on her GORGEOUS blog French Kissed here.
Here's the plan: I must tell you Seven Secrets about myself, and then nominate seven bloggers who's work I admire. So off we go.......

1. I was on Wheel of Fortune in 1979 – the host was Chuck Woolery. I kept hitting bankrupt, but when I finally was ready to solve a puzzle with over $5000, good old Chuck told me I was $75 from a new I went for it. (wouldn't you?)
You guessed it.
(as if it wasn't painful enough at the time - I have it on tape - my kids loved to play it for their friends, so I have been able to re-live that scene over, and over, and over, and....)

2. I was once a singing waitress at Johns at the Beach in Santa Barbara. It was the 70's - they were all trained opera singers.
I was not.
I was an experiment - to see how "pop" would go over.
But it was a lot of fun.

3. My favorite flavor is this....
4. I am not a great housekeeper, but I am obsessive about making my bed EVERY DAY. There can be dust-bunnies swirling around in every corner and a ring around the toilet bowl....
but my bed is made.

5. I have donated my hair to Locks of Love three times – mostly because I am extremely lazy about getting to the salon....

6. I hate food from the sea....

7. My favorite artist is Andrew Wyeth. This print, Wind From the Sea, hangs over our bed – it used to hang in my mom’s living room.
She knew Dennis loved it too.
I once went with my mom to a Wyeth exhibit at the de Young in San Francisco - to see those nudes of Helga that created such a stir...

And finally, I would like to nominate the following women and their fabulous blogs:

Arlene - I just love your writing style....

Carol - not one, but TWO blogs....

Judy - my friend and encourager....

Judith Claire - you have been an inspiration to me for 25+ years.....

Jaime - my sweet baby girl - the most gifted writer I know - I am your biggest fan....

There you have it! Thanks again to Jermaine for encouraging me and for the new gift of friendship.

Ta ta.....


  1. Pammy,

    U R too cute. Thanks for the nomination!! I love your BLOG too!! I nominate you!
    The Vintage Barn

  2. You need to tell all your super supportive readers that there is no need to rip out their IV's...the barn is fully handicapped accessible. :)

  3. oh, and a couple more things: I'm so glad to hear that someone as clever, and sweet and amazing as you doesn't like seafood. I like to think we have *something* in common! And I must strenuously object to my mother's blog being nominated. She is a terrible blogger. Luckily it does not preclude me loving her like crazy. :)

  4. You are right - seafood IS disgusting! And I happen to know that Dad likes the Wyeth painting for more than *one* reason...

    Congrats on the nomination mommy!!!

  5. Well I hope you had as much fun writing this post as I had reading it. It really is such a great way to get to learn a little more about one another. I can just picture you with your gorgeous long hair in the 70's singing away at that restaurant serving up a lot of sea food that you could not stand and keeping a smile on that beautiful face of yours the entire time. Thanks also for sharing the sweet story about Beth. :) Jermaine

  6. Thanks for nominating me Pam. Love the peek in your past-Wheel of Fortune- Who knew? I have to share that like you I am not a fish lover,although I do loves me some shrimp and lobster!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Loved reading your 7 things, so fun! Smiles, h