Friday, October 16, 2009


My friend Shari French, lovely Sandpoint artist with Southern Charm, kindly offered to take some of my creations with her to the Tacoma Dome Holiday Food & Gift Festival. I've told you about Shari before - she makes beautiful jewelry (like this) and her booth set-up is to die for!

I never miss an opportunity to *share* my wares, so I told her yes, YES! Unfortunately, I left most of my jewelry with Kriste in California, and Judy was taking some of it to the C.A.L.M. Antique Show in Santa Barbara this weekend. So I decided to whip up some of my ornaments, since I had all the materials at the ready to do so. This time however, I chose to "age" them and use handmade wire hooks to hang them from, instead of ribbon. I love them! What do you think?

All are made with my signature antique music, which is sandwiched between beveled glass - in all kids of shapes and sizes.

You know how I love words and quotes - some will make you giggle....

...and some will speak to your heart.

Shari also asked to take some of my bottles, so I am giving her all that I have left.

So if you are in the Seattle area, and want to shop for unique treasures, go on over to the Tacoma Dome and visit Shari....
...and tell her *hi* for me!

Thanks Shari!



  1. Hi Pam,
    I met you at the Nipomo show and I am in love with your work! You are so very tallented and very kind! I love reading your Blog everday,it just makes me smile! Thanks for the delightful post, I enjoyed reliving my Nipomo experience!

  2. Hello Pam!
    This are so charmingly lovely - you have a beautiful creative heart! Thank you for sharing all of your talent with us!
    Keep on bloggin'!

  3. Pammy,
    Love the quote on the faith ornament and the aged patina. Thank you again for the birthday crown- Kelli loved it.

  4. Hi Pam,

    Was great to discover your lovely blog, via Jermain's.
    I love all the charm decorations and your collection of bottles.

    happy week

  5. Good morning Pam,

    How fun to read your blog and find all the beautiful pictures of the Remnants of the Past show. I was the gal that saw you at the Vintage Barn and I was thrilled to see you again in Nipomo. It is a very small world. At both shows I kept thinking "Look at all these Proverbs 31 women"! You are so talented and your creations inspire. May God continue to bless you. I'll see you in July in Rathdrum.