Saturday, May 9, 2009

mother's memory jar...

Happy Mother's Day! I thought this would be the perfect time to show you another one of my favorite things. (it was inspired by something my good friend Judy Watkins created over at Remnants of the Past) I found this cloche, or bell jar, at a local antique dealer. The base is old mercury glass, which is well-worn and just the way I like it. I decided to fill it with mementos centered around my mother, and started with her old childhood bible. A few years after she died, her husband Bill sent it to me, and I tucked it away safely in a drawer. I looked around for other little tokens and pictures, and began my arrangement. I sat the bible on an easel, and used an old French manuscript as a background (which is perfect since my mother was a French major in college!) I found a couple of very old photos of my mom - one is hand-tinted and printed on porcelain, the other is of her in her horseback riding gear. I had a very old cameo that my grandmother (her mother) gave me many years ago, just sitting in my jewelry box - it was perfect in front of a small nest my husband found. I filled in the gaps with my original wedding invitation, an old rosary, an old bronze religious statue, a silver trophy and some rusty keys - the perfect contrast of genteel & crusty, don't you think? I have it grouped with some other treasures on an old dresser in my dining room, including scrabble tiles that spell out "blessings", some antique school primers, and a bottle of dessert wine my daughter brought back from Italy 10 years ago. One more daughter, Jaime was also given an old family bible. Tucked inside there was a poem written by my mom when she was 9 years old. Jaime had it photocopied and framed for me years ago, and it is a sweet tribute to what an incredible woman of faith my mom truly was.
Happy Mother's Day mom....I miss you. ...and Happy Mother's Day to all of you too - thanks again for stopping by!

Pammy J


  1. This is such a beautiful tribute to your mother. It is such a shame when precious mementos and tokens of remembrance are tucked away in drawers and forgotten. I love seeing how beautifully you displayed these items so that you catch a glimpse of them daily keeping your mom close in your thoughts and your heart. ~J~

  2. Pam: you put a smile in my heart with this post. Happy Mothers Day to you. Merle

  3. Oh this is so lovely! I, too, lost my mom and have inherited many of her pretty things that I use in vignettes around the house, too. My mom's the reason I call my blog "Heirlooms"!

  4. What a lovely display in your cloche. I'm glad you treasure such "valuables." We really do need to showcase our belongings instead of cramming them into drawers and boxes. Heavens- when I depart, people will wonder why I was ever such a hoarder!!! I've recently begun cleaning things out and labeling boxes with their contents. And the "good stuff" is coming out to be put into vignettes all over the house. I've realized everything will come back into style SOME day. *grin* Visiting from Artie's party.
    ~ Sue

  5. This is so nice and how precious to have these treasures cloched in!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. What a wonderful grouping in memory of your mom. It turned out really nice.