Monday, January 10, 2011

a project worthy of an award for...Project Monday #5!

It's time for another Project Monday!!!

The first Project Monday of 2011.

During the dreary post-Christmas days of January, I thought it would be a great time to share  a lovely little project I came up with to finish off my last Project Monday...



Here's what you do:

Cut a dozen 2" wide strips from some old sheet music. Cut them length-wise.
Cut 8-10 1" strips from the same music, but cut these a couple of inches shorter.

Cut a large circle from cardboard and find the center. Using a pin, poke a hole in the center.

Punch a hole in both ends of each strip.

Bring ends together to form a loop, and poke a brad through the holes.
Keep looping and building onto that same brad until all strips are stacked on the brad - make sure you first use the 1", then the 2".

Insert the brad through the hole in the circle and bend the prongs of the brad back.

Arrange the loops so that they are evenly spaced.

Cut a few more strips for 'streamers' - both 2" and 1" wide - and cut them at staggered lengths.
Cut the ends into a 'V'.

Glue these between the cardboard circle and the loops.

Cut out a couple of smaller circles, (I loved this clock face graphic!) add some glitter and a few words...

Make a pretty hanger out of #19 gauge wire and....

...attach it (with thinner wire) onto the back.

I glued an old book page onto the back of the cardboard circle ~ the back should always be as pretty as the front!

Big Mama looks positively smashing with her award on, don't you think?
With Valentine's Day right around the corner, wouldn't this make a fun and unusual 'prize' to give to that special someone?

I'm linking up with Masterpiece Monday over at Boogie Board Cottage and White Wednesday over at Faded Charm!

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  1. Hi Pammy,
    I absolutely adore this project!! It is just wonderful. I was just thinking about how I could use up some of my sheet music that's piling up and then you post this...yeah!!!!
    Thanks for the tutorial.
    I've linked my project.
    Have a great week.

  2. Pammy,
    these are wonderful!!!!! So many ways they can be used..
    I didn't know you had a party every monday-now mondays are even better!!

  3. This is such a great project, Pammy! Whimsical and fun!

  4. Love your award, it reminds me of the Mums they do down here in TX for homecoming, but yours is WAY cuter!

    I'm a little late and I don't have anything new so I linked something I did a few weeks ago, cause I wanted to party.


  5. Pammy,
    Thank you for leaving me a comment and yes on the same track.I just found a few very old award ribbons and some other type of ribbon for a chairman or something I was just working on remaking them but for valentines gift adornments..LOVE YOUR PAPER RIBBON...Always excited for the Monday projects...xoxo
    p.s wish you lived close would love to have a craft day with you...

  6. Pammy, I absolutely love your project! I think this is probably one of the best use of old sheet music I have seen thus far. This was my first time linking to your party and thank you for hosting.

    Have a wonderful evening,

  7. Great tutorial! Wonderful award ribbon - Big Mama looks positively radiant with her award! Happy White Wednesday, a day late (and a dollar short, too!) :-) Tanya

  8. Hi, I just wanted to tell you that your paper ribbon tutorial was featured on my top fav picks today, at Boogieboard Cottage Have a nice weekend! Mary