Tuesday, January 31, 2012

words to live by...

Happy New Year...

Thought I'd squeeze in a little post before this month leaves us. It's still ok to wish you a Happy New Year if it's still technically January, right?

I decided on my Word of the Year.

Last year I chose the word "open".

Boy, did I pick the right word.

I wanted to be open to anything God had in mind for me...

 I now work a 40 hour week in a job I am passionate about and you have to believe me, never saw coming.

So this year?


With so little free time now, I need to discipline myself in every area...

How I exercise.

How I sleep.

Who I spend time with.


What I put in my mouth.

What comes out of my heart mouth.

What I watch.

What I read.

How I pray.
Forget the fact that I downed an entire brick of cheese immediately after deciding on this word.

I'm a work in process....

I just received an order from a customer who had a group of her friends and family name their year.

She added scriptures to the back...

Do YOU have a word or scripture that you want to 'become' this year???

Stay warm,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I HEART Susan Branch...

Well here it is...
A heart with a little one in it...original artwork by Susan Branch...

And a sweet poem on the back by Nancy Luce in Susan's own lovely handwriting you've come to love... 
All sandwiched between beautiful, puffy glass and soldered by me!


You can only get them on Susan Branch's website here.

So go on over and check them out -


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year....what's new?!!!

Shocking though it may be, I am finally blogging again! The reason I haven't been posting more in the past several months, is not only that I have been working a 40 hour/week job (that I love...) but I haven't had much to share. I spend hardly any time in the attic any more - which does NOT mean I am not creating. I have been immersed in the world of set design, which is something I am passionate about. (The minute I get some good pictures, I will share what I worked on for Christmas Eve services. It was definitely 'smoke 'n mirrors' on steroids!)

But today I have something pretty sweet to tell you about...I have been in the attic the past week or so working on a lovely little design for my friend Susan Branch.....
This week she unveils her latest offering for Valentine's Day....

Stay tuned.....