Tuesday, January 31, 2012

words to live by...

Happy New Year...

Thought I'd squeeze in a little post before this month leaves us. It's still ok to wish you a Happy New Year if it's still technically January, right?

I decided on my Word of the Year.

Last year I chose the word "open".

Boy, did I pick the right word.

I wanted to be open to anything God had in mind for me...

 I now work a 40 hour week in a job I am passionate about and you have to believe me, never saw coming.

So this year?


With so little free time now, I need to discipline myself in every area...

How I exercise.

How I sleep.

Who I spend time with.


What I put in my mouth.

What comes out of my heart mouth.

What I watch.

What I read.

How I pray.
Forget the fact that I downed an entire brick of cheese immediately after deciding on this word.

I'm a work in process....

I just received an order from a customer who had a group of her friends and family name their year.

She added scriptures to the back...

Do YOU have a word or scripture that you want to 'become' this year???

Stay warm,


  1. love the scripture references....

    barbara jean

  2. Hi Pammy

    I love this idea & have a friend's gathering in September. Could you email me with how much it would cost to do something like this? And if it would even be possible to do before then?