Saturday, February 11, 2012

getting ready for Farm Chicks...

We are so excited to be participating in the wonderful Farm Chicks Vintage Show again this year...

Last year Dennis was contacted by someone who saw all of his fabulous cedar furniture at the last Farm Chicks in Spokane, Wa. They were planning on stripping the ancient cedar siding from their home and wondered if Dennis would be interested in taking it off their hands...


He went over to Spokane to see what they had, and after two full days of picking through and hauling he had a stash of weathered cedar to 'play' with.

Check out what he has been working on:
I painted the drawer numbers...

Isn't this clever?

LOVE the hardware cloth instead of glass.

How about this sweet pie safe???

And a fabulous console table.

I just think these are dandy.

He's got lots more up his sleeve so stay tuned...

...and start making your plans NOW for this incredible show!

Stay warm,


  1. Holy cow!!! These are beautiful!!!! xoshari

  2. Love the way you painted the numbers on the drawers!!
    all very cool stuff here.

    barbara jean

  3. What an incredible blog! I'm up way to late (just looked at the clock) I'm going to have a hard time not smashing my alarm in the morning. Tell me more about Farm Chicks, I live in Moses Lake, WA. I would love to drive over and check out the show, if it's not to late. Well, I'm off to bed, but I will definitely be back. Thanks for the delightful visit. Your new fan, follower and fellow blogger, Connie

    1. Lovely to meet you! Farm Chicks is not far from you so I will look forward to seeing you there! Thanks for stopping by...

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