Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Bliss 2011

Every year, for more years than I can count, our family has celebrated Easter Sunday at the home of our dear friends Judi and Ed.
This is the Dana-Powers house ~ Judi's grandparents built this beautiful home and it has been a vintage wedding venue on the central Coast of California in Nipomo for many years.

But on Easter, Judi and Ed host a buffet and Easter egg hunt that has been a family tradition for generations of family and friends - our family included!

And every year I plan on taking pictures and sharing with you, but as soon as I get there I am overwhelmed with friends and family and FUN, and I forget!

But this year, between Dennis, me, Aleah and some of Judi's own photos, I am able to show you why we make the trek down from Idaho every year....

First, the setting....

C'mon this cute or what?

Free range chickens!

Everywhere you look, around every corner, there is a feast for the eyes.

two of my wee grand-munchkins

Brand new outdoor fireplace in the Secret Garden.

As you've probably guess so far, Judi is a gifted gardener and display artist.

And only she can combine her two passions so beautifully....

roses from a garden her grandfather planted years and years ago....under glass.

Second, the Hunt!

All of the children are sent on a walk down the lane while the adults hide the eggs.

Little ones go first...
my adorable grandson Corban's first hunt.

It is as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids!

My beautiful Karise...

...and her brother, Dresden. I could just eat him up.

Corban finding a treasure. SO cute!

Next, the FOOD!
Judi and Ed provide the turkey and ham and rolls and appetizers and wine and beer and lemonade and...and....and, but everyone brings a dish to share.

Desserts galore!
The buffet.

our hosts Judi and Ed
From the bottom of my heart I say THANK YOU to the most gracious hosts, and hardest working couple I have ever known...

Last, I wanted to share Judi's latest bathroom re-do with you....just because I love it so much!
Who would have thought of painting a bathroom black?


She's amAZing.

OK, I took Karise to powder her nose, and she looked so darn cute in the room, I had to snap a picture.

Indulge me.

And while we're at it....

Who has the most wonderful family in the entire world????

I do.

Come on everybody....look at the camera!
This will be the last family shot for a long, long time. This Easter was especially meaningful for our family because son Dusty and his wife Aleah and the wee Karise and Dresden are moving to London where they will be stationed for the next four years.


By the way, Remnants of the Past is held in the Barn on Judi and Ed's property.

That's this Saturday, in case you hadn't heard.

These photos should compell you to come.

How could you not?

Til next time....


Friday, April 15, 2011

nesting update!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about these: here...

Last weekend was the nest-themed baby shower, and I wanted to write an update on how Aleah presented these wee nests....
Since I couldn't be there, I had her take pictures and send them to me ~ enJOY!

The presentation was adorable - a nest-within-a-nest!

And here are some photos of the recipients....
That's my pretty Aleah under the umbrella...
(had to include this photo of my grandaughter Karise on the left with her BFF Sienna!)
Aleah's sister Evelyn, the beautiful guest of honor...

Isn't this cake beautiful?

Aleah wanted me to make sure I told you how much her guests loved their nests....

We're still enjoying fun in the California sun ~ wish you were here!
p.s.: check out the recent buzz about yours truly, from Remnants of the Past!

Friday, April 8, 2011

need I say more...???

22 more days....

Have you made your plans?