Sunday, January 30, 2011

the joys of bartering.....and of knowing my friend Mara Parent...

I would like to introduce you to my friend Mara Parent. She is an incredible water color artist and teacher.
We met when Mara and her lovely daughter Marcia sat behind us in church - during the 'meet-'n-greet' I turned around and saw two beautiful women dressed in the coolest style - I knew she had to be an artist.

Later on, when I was involved in spearheading an art gallery there at the church, I discovered that she was indeed a gifted artist. I sought her out to see if she would consider contributing to our little venture, and she submitted a beautiful water color of sheep grazing.
"The Lost Sheep"
I later found out that we were SO fortunate to have her work in our little fledgling gallery - she was a very busy and popular artist in the San Luis Obispo, Ca. area.

Mara started her studies at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles. She has also studied at U.C.L.A., the Academy of Color in Los Angeles and has had many teachers in watercolor, I.E. Tony Couch, Margarite Lyons, Milford Zornes, Don Andrews, Etc.

She taught painting on silk fabric with liquid dyes for many years but her love of watercolor always prevailed.

Many teachers have rigid rules and Mara finally decided to forget all the rules and create in her loose, impressionistic style. Now her paintings reflect the mystery that she prays for. She always asks God to guide her hand.

Her work is in collections nationally. She continues to gather pictures in her mind of God's beautiful creations and tries to encourage her students with the belief that if they have the desire to paint, they can learn. She loves to teach people who have that passion.

Fast forward 10+ years.....

Mara, Marcia and Marcia's husband Thor have relocated up to Coeur d'Alene where I live!

We have had lots of fun reconnecting, and we've spent many lovely evenings together.

Mara, Marcia, Dennis, moi with friends Fred and Michele celebrating in downtown Coeur d'Alene!
Mara has become a huge fan of Dennis's furniture, and it is mutual admiration, because Dennis is totally taken by Mara's work.

So they worked out a deal.

Mara drew up a side buffet table she wanted, and Dennis spotted a couple of pieces of Mara's he loved of wine bottles.

The die was cast and the work began.


flanking the cabinet Dennis made - that's Mara on the right and Marcia on the left!

for these....

Here are some of my favorites from Mara's archives:

one of my favorite places on earth...
"Cambria Pines"

from her sketchbook....

of course this...
love the labels from familiar Central Coast wines!(notice the 2 Buck Chuck on the right?)
I just love these kitties......

Makes me think.

I wonder if Mara would be interested in another barter.....

Don't you think Monkey would be a fabulous model????

Please go on over to Mara's website and take a self-guided tour of her gallery.

Tell her Pammy sent you!



  1. I love Mara's work!
    She sure did captured the beauty of Cambria, didn't she...
    Plus I love the cabinet Dennis made! A great trade indeed.
    Thanks for sharing, Maria xo

    P.S. Yes! I think Monkey would make a great model...Ha! So cute....

  2. Pammy,
    What a fabulous barter. Your friend is indeed very talented! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. What a great thing you did here Pam -
    Thank you so much my sweet friend. I am feeling so honored! I am so glad we moved to Coeur d Alene - close to you and Dennis.
    Love you

  4. I LOVE all of it! I think my favorite is the lost sheep, though. She really captured it. Congrats on a good trade!