Friday, November 26, 2010

Looking back on an almost perfect day.

The only reason Thanksgiving wasn't perfect was because my children and their families were so far away :-(


We had a lovely day spent with wonderful friends who are like family.

Here is my photo album...
To welcome our guests...

A warm fire to greet them...

the setting.
the table.

for each guest I stamped a wee tag and attached it to a rustic little wreath.

(if you're interested in that wreath, you might want to come back for the next Project Monday!)

As I reflect on the day, I am filled with gratitude.

For good friends, long-distance holiday telephone chats, great food, a warm fire, laughter...

And a husband who helps with the dishes.

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Stay warm!



  1. I want to come to YOUR house for dinner- that looked absolutely amazing!!! Gorgeous Pammy - love the warmth, the details---just lovely!!!

  2. Your home is so beautiful an elegant, love it all.

  3. What a beautiful table - I absolutely love it!


  4. Everything looks beautiful, mom. Wish we could have joined you! P.S. Love the new spot for the piano.