Monday, November 8, 2010

project MONDAY III

Welcome to my third project MONDAY!
Today I have two projects to share.
Want to play????

Project #1:
I recently learned how to make these sweet paper roses.
(what is it about me and roses lately???)

The pink was a little too sweet for my taste, so.....
 You know how I love sheet music - the older the better.
 I did my own Pammy's Attic version of this rose:
I have the hands of a miner. Sorry about the close-up.

Wouldn't they make adorable cupcake toppers?
I used these tools:
if you don't have that punch, you could easily free hand that flower shape and cut it out.
I built them onto a toothpick like this:

I actually have a different project in mind for them that I will share with you very soon.
 So click HERE for the tutorial today, and we will revisit this project in the coming days/weeks. In fact, you could do the very next project MONDAY post using this paper flower - how fun would it be to see many different creations based on one simple design?!!!
Love that idea....  

Project #2:
Know what this is????

We are re-designing our booth specifically for the Custer Christmas Arts and Crafts Show in nearby Spokane, Washington. We set it up in our garage today to fine tune and tweak, and I am SO excited -it's gorgeous!
My husband Dennis is a talented carpenter and furniture designer - all shelves, hutches, walls, tables, benches, etc. pictured are his work.

Here are some photos of the new booth in various stages of development....

one of Dennis's shelves made from antique tin crown moulding and cedar.
This is right around the corner:

Christmas Arts and Crafts Show

Come back and see both of these projects - finished!!!!!

And thanks for playing with me today on our 3rd project MONDAY.

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ps: I am linking to another great party over at Faded Charm ~ White Wednesday!!!


  1. Gorgeous! right...I will see you there. WOW. That is amazing!

  2. "Talented" doesn't even begin to describe Dad's work. Tin ceiling shelf: WANT IT.

  3. I absolutely love the new 'showcase room' - wow, what talent!!! OMG- what a lucky gal you are!! I would SO LOVE to come to one of these shows....gotta think of a way to get up there!!

  4. Your booth is so cool, can't wait to see pictures of it all full of your gorgeous creations.

  5. Hi Pammy,
    I commented this morning about how awesome your booth space is but for some reason the comment didn't take. Anyway....the booth is to die for and will be the hit of the show. You and your husband are two talented people!

  6. Love the booth! Wish I could be there. But DARN, I have to go to Tancredi & Morgan. Life is touch... :)

    xoxo Judy

  7. You have no idea how jealous I am that you have such a talented husband-I would go crazy with ideas if mine could do anything like that !

  8. Those flowers are precious! I love them. And your booth is to die for. What a fun space that will be to work in.

    I may link up with you ~ this looks like fun.


    Found you over at Faded Charm. Your flower caught my eye!