Tuesday, November 9, 2010

old friends meet at last...

I know that sounds confusing.
This morning I had the privilege of meeting a couple of wonderful women, one of whom I've been friends with for a while now through the sensation that is Social Networking.

Remember Dorene and the Lady Ta Tas? 

Well Dorene's sister Deb and I have become friends though this blog and through Facebook. We had a few  common interests:
  1.  The first and most important one is that we both love Dorene!
  2. Another bond between us is that we both make jewelry and "own" our own cottage industry. She creates glass beads that are wonderful miniature sculptures. (she also teaches the art of glass lampwork at her studio in Eagle River, Alaska) 
  3. We also blog - Deb writes about Dorene's journey through her battle with breast cancer, called Life Updates for Dorene.
Dorene's birthday is this week, so Deb and their mom, Dianne (who also lives in Alaska) decided to come down to help her celebrate. I knew they wanted to meet the Lady Ta Ta friends (so sorry Vicki was gone) as well as a few other neighborhood ladies, so I hosted a little get together so we could all meet.
A couple of highlights were....
Barbara's amazing muffins and breads (she sells them to coffee houses around town) - sorry there are no photos - I was all jacked up on muffins and forgot to take pictures!

Deb brought a little gift for each Lady Ta Ta. I will let the pictures speak for themselves...

Thank you Deb for this lovely gift that came from your hands.

And from your heart...
Deb, Dianne, Dorene and moi.
...and for loving your sister like you do.

We, Team Ta Ta, thank you from the bottom of our...

p.s.: Vicki yours is on its way!!!!


  1. Such a gorgeous work of art, Deb! You are a true artist, that much is clear.

  2. To Pam, the Lady TaTa's, and the lovely ladies of the Harborview Community... what a blessing you all are to Dorene, Matt and our family.

    Dianne (Dorene's Mom) and I (Dorene's Sister ;-) truly enjoyed meeting so many of the people that Dorene treasures.

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome and for your continued love and prayers for Dorene. I treasure being friends with my sister's friends and will look forward to the next time we meet.

    With Love and Appreciation,
    Deborah and Dianne