Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Rusty Bird

Meet my friend Virginia:
Some call her this:

She makes these:
Better than a bird.

She is one of my favorite vendors at Vintage Barn Show.

Last weekend, at the show, she gave me this:

And because she knows how much I love to use vintage ephemera in my work, she surprised me with these:

Virginia has no idea how much I love birds.

And nests.

I have this rather large *gallery* hallway in my home....
It is actually the size/shape of a small room, and it is where I have displayed most of my bird's nests, etc....
I hung one of my necklaces from Virginia's cage and added some eggs.
(more about that cute little cabinet and a later time...)
I think it looks just dandy.
I made this cube a while back. Not as easy as it may look.
This is where Big Mama usually lives.

This is a grouping I made using old botanical bookplates with inexpensive frames from Michaels. The key here is using the same exact size frame and mats (I cut my own) to make a statement. 

This sweet little table was my bedside table growing up. It is circa 1860. (or so my grandmother told me)

I love it.

The collection of large eggs on the right are actually from chickens we had many years ago.

We called them "The Girls".

I blew them out and saved them.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Virginia.

Thanks for stopping by!

ps: make sure you come back to see how I use the treasures Virginia gave me.
You won't be sorry!


  1. We need Virginia at the show! What are the chances Pammy? Also, what color is the paint in your hallway?

  2. I agree, she would be a lovely addition! I'll do my best arm-twisting!!!! That paint color is Martha Stewart "Hearth" by Sherwin Williams. (It is actually quite a bit darker than the photo shows.)

  3. Love this segment! I need to come back to Idaho!! :-D

  4. I call my girls 'the girls' too.
    I love your decorating style...just like mine would be if, well...whatever.

  5. Pammy,Love it what is the color on your walls?

  6. Emilie is not the first to ask the color of my walls. It is a Martha Stewart Sherwin Williams "Hearth". BTW, it photographs lighter than it is.