Friday, July 30, 2010

Altered Art Party!!!

I just found out about this Altered Art party over at The French Cupboard.
I have ALWAYS wanted to join in one of these cyber-parties, but either didn't have the right project in the works, or the confidence to jump in.

 Since I just now discovered this I didn't have time to go upstairs into my magic attic and create something new, so I decided to go back in time and drag out my old paper dolls.....

my original design - that's Schmitty the Kitty - may he rest in peace.

my grandson Dresden

my granddaughter Karise

I got a little carried away....

ya think???

OK, I even made necklaces from scanned images of these guys.

If you are struggling with what to do with the kids this weekend....

This would be a fun project for them to make.

Just click HERE for the details.

See you soon for an update on my new website....and a fun contest, where you might win one of these...

Bodacious Bubbles!

See ya later!
I'm taking Monkey down to the lake!


  1. Hi Pammy,

    I love your paper dolls!! And those necklaces are to die for. Lovely!

  2. Hi Pammy!!
    I'm just loving all the eye candy!! Wondering if it's as hot in Idaho as it's been in Colorado!! My youngest daughter's getting married in a few weeks, so I've been super busy doing all the stuff for that--check out my new blog sometime!