Monday, July 12, 2010

Vintage Barn recap!

Vintage Barn was a smashing success!

According to Rolane Hopper, our beautiful hostess, it broke all records.

She says that in years past they have never filled the parking field completely, and this year the over-flow parking was filled!

The day started the way it always does.....
...with a word of thanks and praise to the Lord, who has blessed this show from the very beginning.

Then the cowbell was rung and we were open for business!

I was so busy all day long I didn't get much of a chance to take pictures of the other booths.


I am sharing with you instead, pictures of our new look.

We had seen Blue Canoe Reloaded's booth at Remnants of the Past in California.

 They made their own tea stained canopy for their booth out of canvas drop cloths.
Love this look.

After a trip to Home Depot for drop cloths....

After making a pattern and dusting off my old sewing machine....
After soaking it in a garbage can filled with 300 tea bags......


We loved the earthy bohemian look.

I even made leg warmers sleeves to cover the newness of the aluminum frame.

check out those cool horns - my "new" display feature!
Every wall aged for a rustic, organic background.... 
Perfect for showing off barbed wire.

Dennis made these two matching hutches for me to display my wares in.
I fell in love with them and told him to put a hefty price tag on them, so they wouldn't sell.

They sold.

He has promised to make me a couple more.

Big Mama always causes quite a stir.....but she's Not 4 Sale!

As my fellow vendors and bloggers post their pictures of this wonderful show, I will pass them on to you...

My next show is Remnants of the Past, in Nipomo, California -  October 2.

Until then, I have many projects (like a brand new website!) in the works, so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by....


  1. Beautiful. I have to plan for next year.

  2. Hurray!! Looks like it was amazing!! Love all your new pieces, all the cool displays and all of Dennis' cool stuff. What a handy guy to have around =)

  3. Hi Pammy,
    Your booth looked amazing!! You did an awesome job creating your canopy for your booth and your merchandise was stunning. I'm glad it was such a success.
    I want to thank you for commenting on my blog and directing me to the post you wrote about your mother. She sounds like a wonderful woman.
    Thanks for adding us to your prayer list. I know we have many challenges ahead and the support of my friends means a lot to me.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    P.S. I was fortunate to meet Mother Theresa back in 1981. I worked at a convent during my summer break from college that year and she made a visit to the convent.