Wednesday, January 13, 2010

new attic specimens

Just wanted to take a moment to show you what I have been up to......

I found some cool little metal shadow boxes and cut some glass to fit on the top.
I cut out some squares from an old 1927 cookbook and decoupaged them inside the box.... Then I added bugs 'n nests and sealed it all up with a bit of solder.
...each one with different *ingredients*
...that's a tiny old watch parts vial - I threw a few old gears inside just in case you didn't know what it was for....

I think they look a little like scientific specimens, don't you?

I made a nest from a scrap of wire and added some vintage this.

That's all folks....



  1. I love the bird nest one!!

  2. Pam, These are so darn cute !! I hope these will be available to order for the store!! I will have to call Kristie,
    Love everything you do!
    The Cottage