Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lady TaTa....walking for a cure.

So two days ago my friend Michele emailed me to ask if I wanted to walk in the local Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Michele is a breast cancer survivor.

This disease has profoundly affected her, and she knows how much it has also touched my own life.

You see, back in June, I started walking daily with another friend, Dorene, who has struggled with breast cancer for many years.
Dorene and her beloved Sadie
She thought she was out of the woods, but two years ago a routine scan revealed her cancer had reappeared.

In June, she went through a procedure where it was discovered that the cancer had moved into her lungs.

Dorene was told to walk every day to keep her lungs strong and to keep them from filling up with fluid.

And I needed to lose weight.

Since early June, Dorene and I have rarely missed a day of walking. We started just walking down to the corner and back - we are now up to an hour a day.

Some days she doesn't want to go - and some days I don't.

Sometimes we talk about the disease, but we usually talk about our families, the weather, our beloved dogs (we're both nuts about our pups!), and anything else that friends usually chat about.

Recently it has become more of a struggle for Dorene, and she has been forced to miss some walks.

You know, I didn't know Dorene very well when we started our daily routine. She was a neighbor (who I happened to like a lot) in need of a  friend.

She is now an important part of my life.

So when Michele asked me if I wanted to join in our local event I jumped at the chance to support ANYTHING that might put an end to the disease that was robbing my friend of years of her life.


We needed a team name.

My husband Dennis came up with Lady Ta Ta....brilliant.!

We needed team shirts.

Time to whip out my new toy....

A picture is worth a thousand words:
I came up with this design.
 I put both front and back on one screen to save $$$ and time! (I taped one off while I printed the other)

burned screen...

ready to print!

back first...



ready for Team Lady Ta Ta!
 A couple of other friends asked to join our team - Barbara, who has become a second walking partner, and Vicki, another supportive friend.

Tomorrow's the big day!

Stay tuned for pictures of this wonderful event....

Thinking of my our friend.....
with so much love....


  1. Pam: Hope that all of you have a wonderful day on Sunday. Love you!

  2. Pammy..............THANK YOU
    from the bottom of my heart
    the depth of my soul.

  3. LOVE it! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow...and always thinking of my dear Dorene. THANK YOU for loving her and walking with her and all that you do. Wish I were closer...

  4. walk tall and strong! Good luck to all of you!