Monday, October 25, 2010

project MONDAY II ~ Victorian Rose Pin

Welcome to project MONDAY II!

project MONDAY
I want to share an easy, fun and CHEAP project with you this week.
I created a ribbon rose corsage pin several years ago and taught a class in making them using this handout:

Several months ago I made scads of this updated version and they sold out!
I made it from an ivory grosgrain wired ribbon and dunked it in some strong tea overnight to "age" it. I made the center from a pearl hat pin that I'd dipped in Elmer's glue and silver glitter. (just poke it through the center of your flower and snip off the excess on the back - you might want to add a drop of glue here too) 

So easy and they make fabulous gifts.

So what are YOU working on????

You know the drill....
(Click HERE if you're not sure)

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  1. Hi Pammy,
    Thanks for the written tutorial. LOVE that ribbon corsage and I can see why you sold's beautiful. I'm adding that to my list of projects!
    I posted last night about my current list of projects...I'm going to link to the party.

  2. That's very pretty. I might have to try one.

  3. Love your 'faded rose from days gone by'. I'm back for another party, let the good times roll.