Tuesday, October 26, 2010

on your mark, get set......

Thank you everyone who came to my project MONDAY party - I know you all are as busy as I am, so I think I will opt to hold this party once a month.
How about the second Monday of every month????
So your next chance to participate will be November 8(I'll give y'all a heads up the week before.)That gives you two whole weeks to put something together - with the holidays right around the corner, that shouldn't be too difficult!

OK, the real reason I am writing today is to tell you that I will be making a HUGE announcement this week.

It's HUGE.

 I'll give you a teensy, weensy hint.

(ok, so I've never been clever at keeping secrets)
So, keep checking in with me....

It could happen any day now.
(and there may or may not be a give-away involved)


I am.



  1. Hi Pammy,
    I'm very excited for you and look forward to seeing your new adventure.
    The 2nd Monday of every month sounds good to me for Project Monday.....just remind me :)

  2. I;m excited too - I'll be sure to post a reminder...
    Thanks Jane!