Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why my house is a pig sty and I don't have time for Facebook or blogging (like I should).

The Custer Christmas Arts and Crafts show is right around the corner - two weeks away, as a matter of fact. I have been up in the attic 24/7 filling orders and preparing for the show, which leaves little time for thoughtful, insightful, inspiring posts or status updates on Facebook.

Or for cleaning my house.

I remember when I started this blog, my friend Judith Claire warned me about this.
 That the problem one is faced with, is having enough time to create whilst keeping up with blog posts about said creativity.
Man, was she ever right.

So bear with me friends.....

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You only have until midnight on Thursday, Nov. 4 to enter.

Have you told all of your friends????

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