Thursday, December 30, 2010

time to name your year...again!

This is not the first time I've shared this subject.

Naming the year.

Resolutions are doomed before they are even attempted - this is why I like to "name" the coming year instead. 

A word, or name, that encompasses all I want to change about myself during the next 12 months - or at least a fraction of what I'd like to change.
Last year it was humility. 

Kind of an oxymoron to say on my blog that I want to work on the "Me Monster" inside of me. 

A blog is everything humility is not.

Oh well.

I did try.

This year?

I thought about the word AVAILABLE.

To be available for whatever God has in mind for me.

But wearing the word "available" around one's neck is not necessarily a brilliant idea.

Especially if one is married...

So another way of putting it is to say I want to be OPEN.

Open to taking chances.

Open to serving.

Open to allowing others to come first.

But I'm a visual kind of gal, and the word open isn't very pleasing to the eye.

Especially if I am to be wearing it.

But how about another language?

French? (ouverte)

Italian? (asperto)

Spanish? (abierta)

This is what I came up with:

This is what it means in Latin:
"open, accessible, exposed"


That is exactly the kind of year I want 2011 to be.


How about you?

What do you want the next year to be?
I'd love to know....

Happy New Year!
p.s.: linking this to Southern in My Heart's Inspiration Friday!


  1. I love your word for the year and such a beautiful necklace to share it with others!

    My two words for 2011 are HEALTH & GROWTH...they encompass all...spiritual, physical, mental & business. I am looking forward to this fresh, new year of possibilities!

  2. Not often am I so excited over an idea like this!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. This idea, Pammy.
    My word for the year-and I have really been thinking about this for a couple of months- is "intention." And I am all over making a necklace to remind me....
    thanks for the inspiration and Happy New Year!

  3. Very thoughtfully, simply, and beautifully put.
    All the best in this new year,

  4. Hmmm. The first thing that comes to mind for me is "STOP STORING KLEENEX IN EVERY POCKET" but that wouldn't fit on a necklace, would it? So my word for the year is "acceptance." As in accepting people for who they are, accepting life for what it is, accepting God on God's terms.

  5. Oh I love your necklace. I wish I could think of a word for this year....but I just come up with survive. Life is hard at times....fabulous idea!

  6. Lovely necklace and love word! Your newest follower!

  7. I absolutely love the idea of naming the year! Such a perfect alternative to a resolution and it has me thinking about what to name MY year. :-) The necklace is gorgeous and I am so thrilled to have you join the Inspiration Friday party this week!

  8. Not sure yet. Right now I'm thinking "grateful" and "giving." Maybe they'd look better in Latin too! LOVE yours. Were you at Custer's in Spokane this year? I looked for you but didn't find you. If you were there, I'm so sorry I missed you.

  9. Love that Pammy!! And thanks for the laugh, as usual, Jaime =)) I might normally be stumped to think of one word, but after reading your comments Pammy and praying for friends and family this morning who are hurting and lost, the word "shine" came to mind. Pastor Ron did a great advent series on "Overcoming the darkness, living in the true light of Christmas". I want to surrender my self this year to God to allow His light to shine through me into the lives of so many I know who need to see the true light of the world, Jesus Christ!

  10. My word for 2012 is VISION. To see beyond the worldly entanglements into what God would open up. Our words sync together well, Pam! If there's another to fit into the picture, it would be DOER, because all is vapor without acting upon the vision. New Year Blessings, my dear friend! I love you...