Monday, December 13, 2010

Project MONDAY IV - your grandmother never thought you would want her old sheet music for this.

Welcome to my 4th Project MONDAY!

I have been so excited to share this project - it is one of my all time favorite designs, and it is really quite easy. 
Though it may be a little bit time consuming, the results will knock your socks off. 
So let's get going....

On the previous Project Monday I taught you how to make this:

click HERE for the tutorial

So you'd better get crackin' and make a bunch of them.

 You are going to need one of these Styrofoam wreaths - I found mine at Michael's.

 You need a way to hang it, so now is the time to wind some wire around it - wherever you want the top to be.

 Did I mention you are going to need a lot of those roses?

 I made mine from this book:

 This was very dry and brittle, so a little tricky to work with.

note the pencil notes from lessons long ago...

I made these assembly-line-style and grouped them in piles - that sure did help to speed up the process.

After I had amassed a fair amount I began sticking them into the Styrofoam.

It is very deceiving how many roses it takes to fill in the gaps.

I want to stop here to tell you what I would have done differently.

I should have painted over the green with an antique white. I should have known better, and I still kick myself every time I see green peeking through.
 Oh well, it's too late for me, but not for you - I highly recommend taking the extra time to paint.

Moving on.....

I decided to leave a gap for a fancy ribbon "corsage".

I just cut wide strips from the same music book, "looped" them, and turned them into a ribbon reminiscent of one of those rosette ribbon awards. 

Pretty spectacular, yes?

Now it's your turn....what project have you enjoyed making lately???

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  1. What a fabulous project! This is going on my list of projects to do after the holidays. I have the week off after Christmas and I hope to get a lot of projects started (and finished).
    I'm so sorry I forgot about Project Monday. It just got away from me this month :(
    Hope you have a great week.

  2. Love your wreath and aren't music sheets just the best to use! I love em too! Speaking of, I love love love your attic's a fabulous creative space and I wish I had one.

    Stopping by from WW, and merry Christmas to you!

  3. I LOVE this wreath. I'll have to take some time to watch your tutorial on those wonderful roses. Really beautiful with the ribbon too.

    Thanks for playing along.


  4. Oh my goodness, this is stunning. I will have to give this a try. Love it hanging on the cabinet. Ann

  5. Oh wow! You have outdone yourself~ this wreath is heavenly! I linked up! Have a lovely evening, please stop by my blog I am having a giveaway!

  6. I am so loving this! I've been wanting to make flowers with my sheet music and couldn't ever get it right. This wreath is really nice! I love the "prize" ribbon too. You really out-did yourself - beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  7. great project!!

    thanks for hosting event. glad i found you

    barbara jean

  8. Yes!!!! It is spectacular!!! Merry Christmas!